Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year's Potpourri

Decade transcending musings:

  • Gee it was just ten years ago that we feared the ball dropping in Times Square meant computer crashes, bank failures and nukes flying all over the place.
  • I can remember 2009 like it was yesterday.
  • Do we have a name for the decade yet? The aughts? The two thousands? The zeros? The double oh's? What about a name for the new one?
  • I found this about a distant ancestor of mine, a Swede kidnapped in England and sold into slavery in the south. He was instrumental in helping establish Swedish churches and communities in Delaware during the late 1600's. (HT: inspired from a Billy Goat link)
  • Growing up we watched Guy Lombardo every New Year's Eve. Dick Clark wasn't on the radar.
  • Earlier I reviewed a list of stupid new laws passed by power hungry, money hungry, authoritarian politicians. At least I can still blog while driving.
  • Mrs. Scott and I started a new bible reading program. It's email driven (from the person who set it up) and you can listen to somebody read out loud while you follow along.
  • Happy New Year song.

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