Friday, January 08, 2010

Friday Night Porpourri

The week in whatever:

  • It has been a long time since I've heard a song from the group Yes on the radio. Even the classic rock stations aren't playing this staple group from the days of album oriented rock. Why not? Have the rock radio gods gone crazy?
  • The winning Christmas presents for each of our kids: our two year old loves his three story parking garage for Matchbox cars. Our four year old loves his new Nintendo DS. Our eight year old loves his radio controlled helicopter.
  • In an attempt to create widespread (no pun intended) breast cancer awareness, women on Facebook were urged to enter a one word color on their Facebook status (the color of the brassiere they were wearing at the moment), with no other explanation, and to pass this cause on to other women. To the complete exclusion of men. Of course, there are no secrets on Facebook, and the guys soon became aware of why numerous women were dropping colors on FB. I don't know whether it is the nature of men to do this, but humorous, sarcastic and dirty-old-man comments appeared all over. Of course, some women weren't wearing any, and commented thus. In the end, awareness of breasts beat the awareness of cancer, hands down, in my estimation. Boys will be boys. You go, girls!
  • YouTube is also a great place to listen to music.
  • Fog, overcast, dense fog, sunshine, overcast, heavy rain, dense fog, rain, fog, sunshine, overcast. Just a day of driving around the Bay Area with its varied microclimates.
  • I've been walking with the boys in our region's "open space" areas quite a bit lately. We've seen deer, hawks, ground critters, snakeskins, dead things and yesterday a coyote. Oh, and oak trees.
  • My hair feels much more wiry than in past years. I'm told it's gray hair that just can't be noticed in all the blond.
  • Haven't heard this guitar piece in years.

[Update: Mrs. Scott pointed out that I made a mistake spelling "Potpourri"]

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