Sunday, January 24, 2010

Musical Chairs Football

This is traditionally my favorite weekend of football all year. I love playoff football, and the intensity of the conference championship games is better than any other week. I like these games better than the SuperBowl for a number of reasons. There's a home team with frenzied fans, and a visiting team trying to shut those fans up. The SuperBowl is a neutral site game with fans of all teams present, usually those with the most money to spend on the place to be seen. I couldn't care less about half time shows and all the hype, and what kind of cookies each player's grandma made as a kid.

Anyway, with the AFC game over, I hope the NFC game falls short of its explosive offense hype. I don't like shootout football. I like defense with well developed offensive strategy. It's one thing for a great game to end with one team trying to score and the other's great defense trying to stop them; it's quite another thing for a game to end with each team scoring at will with the game decided on who has the ball last when the clock runs out. Musical chairs football takes the drama out of the game.

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