Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Night Potpourri


  • I helped some friends move last weekend. In a drawer I found one of those yellow plastic 45rpm-to-record changer adapters. A college student that was there helping had no clue what it was. Her dad and I had some fun with that. "It's an know, for 45' they can be used on the record know, vinyl..." No clue. (image:
  • Small world gardening: The owner of the house we're temporarily in has a gardener. We've known him for years. Our friends that we just helped move have a gardener provided by their new landlady. They've known him for years, too. Not only is he the same gardener, he does each of our houses on the same day, one right after another, yet in different cities. But wait... it gets better. It was after our gardener's wedding nearly ten years ago that Mrs. Scott and I (who both attended) had our first date. We went out to dinner after the reception, and were married later that year. The gardener married my best man's mother.
  • While job searching, here was an interesting ad I found: freelance editor for a Korean slang book. I could do it with a little bit of improvisation.
  • There's no better way to secure your checked luggage than to carry a gun. So says Cory Doctorow. (HT: Lew for the link)
  • One of my favorite types of weather is dense fog in the winter. It's like being blanketed in, muted sound, kinda cozy. Fun to jog in, too.
  • Speaking about dense fog, I remember a number of times where it was too dense to drive. A couple of times in my neighborhood I had to open the car door and drive with my head out to see the dashed lines. Only in residential neighborhoods would I do that, of course. Once, the line ended and I was on my own, not knowing how close to the center of the road I was. A silhouette of a mailbox appeared in front of my hood. I guess I veered off center slightly, so I backed up and steered a bit left. I'm alive today so I estimate that I made it to where I was going.
  • Another classic childhood radio song memory. So many one hit wonders, so many good songs.

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