Sunday, January 31, 2010

Haiti And Adoption

When Mrs. Scott and I were first married, we had discussed adoption as a possible course our family would follow. We decided to pursue adoption in addition to the possibility of having biological children. One could say that adoption was "Plan A" for us.

The first website we ever visited while looking at international adoption was a site called God's Littlest Angels, an orphanage in Haiti. We have supported them in the past and Mrs. Scott has been an ardent follower of their ministry ever since. The cost of international adoption was prohibitive for us in the early years, and our two oldest children are adopted, but from the States. Adopting from Haiti has been on our radar screen ever since that first website visit, yet the means have never materialized.

Now with the earthquake disaster in Haiti, adoption has been thrust into the media light. Just a few nights ago, a GLA representative was on Larry King Live to discuss the state of adoption from that battered nation. Adoption has been closed, with the exception that the adoption processes for children currently being adopted at the time of the quake were expedited. Many mass grave burials have prevented unaccounted for children from being easily adopted. Child trafficking has reared its head. Haiti needs a great deal of patience as they wait for things to stabilize.

Please pray for, and support, God's Littlest Angels.


  1. Steve,

    If you ever come across a way to adopt "inexpensively" please let me know.

    We would but the costs are prohibitive. ( and a big gripe of mine)

    We are more than capable and financially able to provide for a child BUT the upfront costs are prohibitive.


  2. Bruce,

    Both of our adoptions "came to us" instead of us going after each one. This really minimized cost, but, yes, short of an adoption being subsidized by somebody else, it is prohibitive for many.