Saturday, January 30, 2010

Friday Night Potpourri

I'm sorry, what happened again this week?

  • After 11 straight days of rain, we had a one day in a row break. It started again yesterday.
  • Rain here in San Fran means snow in the mountains.
  • The winter of 1982 saw 25 feet of snow in the mountains. Two feet of my friend's A-frame cabin were visible. They had to dig 15 feet down to the upper floor balcony to get in through a window.
  • James: Ten Years After had three hit songs. I'd Love To Change The World was their biggest, then I'm Going Home (it landed both on the Woodstock Soundtrack and in the movie documentary), and Love Like A Man.
  • Nice church, St. Nick! John Armstrong writes about a Russian Orthodox church in France that was ruled by a French court to be the property of the Russian government.
  • Boomerang balloon. Our kids accidentally let a balloon go, and it went over the back fence into the neighbor's yard. Hours later it appeared in a front yard tree.
  • Chicks and 5th graders dig it.

1 comment:

  1. I'm Going Home may or may not be familiar, sounds like a rote blues song. The riff of Love Like a Man sounds familiar, as if I've heard it once, and only on a special Sunday morning or Sunday latenight "roots" show. Neither have been in regular rotation of any classic rock station I've heard.