Friday, August 06, 2010

Friday Night Potpourri

I wondered what happened this week:

  • I like to destroy things.  It's fun, but only when things need to be destroyed, like Solomon says "a time to tear down" in Ecclesiastes.  Well, we had some stuff to donate to charities, and a separate dump trip.  Except the charities don't take much anymore, our truck full included.  We couldn't then fit both into the truck to take to the dump.  So I took my frustration out on the rejected furniture, "making it smaller" so as to fit into the truck.   Bwahahahah!
  • One of my idiot lights on my car dash came on this week.  Much of the time, idiot lights mean that it's the idiot light that is malfunctioning.  The last couple of weeks my parking brake indicator light has come on while driving, and I know that wasn't true.
  • Today Mrs. Scott found all of our younger kids' "back to school" clothes in the garage while cleaning.  They were packed away after our oldest outgrew them several years ago.  They were there for just such an occasion.  We forgot about them until now.
  • When your doorbell rings twenty times in a row, it's likely the four year old next door.
  • Some people prefer mustard on their corn dogs.  Some, like our five year old, prefer ketchup.  I like both at the same time.  So there! :-P
  • Just before the neighbors moved, our kids were invited to pick some tomatoes from the back yard.  They picked some, but from the wrong plant.  They were hot peppers instead.  Yea for daddy!
  • The first week of August is right in the middle of it.  My absolute favorite by her.


  1. Wow, Janis! I do love your pot pouris, Steve! Especially the musical trips down memory-lane.

  2. The furniture story made me laugh, it's funny to donate something, get it rejected, then have to break it up just to haul it to the dump...made me laugh.

    I like ketchup and mustard too, your not alone.