Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Night Potpourri

Weak kneed, or week knead?

  • What are Raffia Cream, Gobi Desert and Western Acoustic?  They're paint colors, of course.  The kids get a tiny bathroom makeover this week.
  • The best croutons I've ever had were made by Mrs. Scott this week at work.
  • We drove into San Francisco across the Bay Bridge this week.  Many changes have occurred as a new bridge is being built.  I realized I hadn't done it in several years, as all my trips into the City have been on the train.  Six bucks for toll?  I used to pay 75c when I first started driving.
  • Our eight year old went to camp this week, and had some field trips.  Yesterday he brought home a Venus fly trap.  I can't wait to see if it gets rid of some pests.
  • Absolutely free?  If I have to remember to call you at the end of the free trial period to cancel and avoid being automatically charged full price, it's not absolutely free.
  • A little known fact about me:  I was born with a tooth, and the young family dentist came down to the hospital and pulled my first tooth when I was one day old.  It was really loose and came out with his fingers.  I had the same dentist for the next forty years until he retired.
  • In the game of baseball, some teams' closers have a special song played when they enter the game in the 9th inning.  Trevor Hoffman had "Hells Bells," Robb Nen had "Enter Sandman," and if I had to choose one for me, it might be the first minute or so from this.  Turn it up.


  1. 1. I love how there is now a charge for car pools on the Bay Bridge. I guess the green principle pales in comparision to green bucks.

    2. We already know about your material, please.

    3. Gene and I thought of you last night as we watched the Padres beat the Giants on TV. We felt bad that you no longer have season tix...seriously, after so many years...not cancer, certainly, but reflective of a tough economy, no job and priorities.


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