Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Night Potpourri

If it's Friday, it must be potpourri:

  • Last Friday was Friday the 13th, and I didn't realize it until seeing a Facebook post at 11:57pm.
  • Spider in my globe, just waitin' to catch a fly.  The place we live in was built in the mid 70's, so that means the light fixture in the bath is a 10" diameter white sphere.  When the light's on, you can see a few small dead bugs in there.  Well this last week, a spider got in there and couldn't crawl up the slick sides.  So it eventually curled up and "died."  But several days later it was active again, then went motionless for a few more days.  Now, it's building a web inside and seems it is actually catching some small bugs for dinner.  I'm due to paint in a few weeks, so we'll see how that goes.
  • I've been using a $10 bag of espresso for about six months now, brewed on my home espresso maker (Thanks, Mike, for the wedding present!), and it's about half gone.  The way I figure it, that's about $725 at Starbucks.
  • A manual sprinkler system doesn't get more manual than a garden hose in your right hand.
  • Ping pong balls weren't meant to be used in a foosball game set, but that's all the kids have.  Those and superballs.
  • A few weeks ago I mentioned how I liked to destroy stuff.  Well, the funnest job I ever had was working at a wrecking yard in high school.  I got to operate the car smasher.  A car engine bolted to a steel frame attached to a 20 foot gallows with a pulley, pulling a 17 ton iron lid open with 1 1/2" steel cable.  The fork lift would put a mid-60's Cadillac or Lincoln tank in there.  I'd drop that lid and, POW!, that car would be about 12" thick.  Whoa!
  • Back when music was a bit more innocent: The greatest song ever, in the greatest video ever, by the greatest band ever, in the greatest decade ever, linked to on the greatest blog ever!  Wow, what a set of greater than ever coincidences!  Or, something.

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  1. You've mentioned your job at a wrecking yard in the past. Your memory is going, man. For us faithful readers, PLEASE try not to repeat your material! : )