Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Night Potpourri

A week of bland food:

  • Having the flu means not eating for a few days.  Pizza with lots of ground red peppers isn't good to eat when you have the flu.  And that's why I didn' do that.  Normally I would.
  • We've had so much rain recently, all of our son's pee-wee practices and games have been cancelled for the last two weeks.
  • The filter went out on the frog tank, and the green stuff grew in on the side real quick like.  Our son etched the word "clean" in the algae.
  • A "sure fire" cure for sinus blockage is taking hot sauce straight out of the bottle.  For those of you who can handle the hot stuff, I highly recommend this treatment.  It's quick acting, too.
  • I love a good Indian curried lentil dish.  We've got some of those packaged meals, and though they're not quite four-star restaurant quality, they're pretty good.
  • I'd really love to dive into a household improvement project, but that's on hold for an indefinite period of time.  I miss taking my boys to the hardware store and looking for daddy stuff.
  • Check out how "Young" he looks.  LOL  He might even be as old as 16 here.

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