Wednesday, March 02, 2011

You Know Who You Are

You know who you are.  Yes, you.  You are the one who called me a few days ago when I needed a call.  Yes, that you.  And you know who you are.  And you over there, you know who you are, too.  I hope your wife gets better.  I'll send lawyers, guns and money.  And you half way in between, yeah, the guy who kinda knows what I was talking about, about people not loving each other.  I think you know who you are, too.  And everybody who doesn't know me well enough for me to have said "you know who you are" because of something you did, well, you know who you are as much as the next guy.  Or girl.

Then there are those who don't know who you are because I'm not making it clear, or you're not a reader of this blog.  I'll have a special post or two or three for you sometime soon.  Maybe you'll hear about it somehow and you'll know who you are too.  But if you don't, I'll be able to get away with writing about it because you won't know it's you, and neither will anybody else.  Sometimes it's more fun that way.


  1. Ah, you ambiguous loon! This may just be your best post ever!

    And I'm not sure who I am . . .

  2. HEY...Hang in there brother

  3. I've no idea about what this post is...however, just so you know, G & I care a lot. When we received the latest from you guys, I didn't want to send a note back saying that we were praying. While that is the BEST thing that we can do (and we DID do--stopping right there @ the computer), I didn't want our words to ring hollow in your time of pain. Therefore, we simply wrote that we were sorry to hear...we believed the email that we received warranted a response, but were unsure what to write.

    So, to play on your title, here is mine: "You Know that We Care; You Know Who WE Are".