Sunday, March 13, 2011

New From the Pew Design

Well, I've updated From the Pew to a modern Blogger template.  It's more powerful, both for me and the reader, and simpler to use.  I will no longer be limited to being able to read only 20 posts for any given label as just one example.  I'll no longer have to add the link to the post title clickthrough, so scheduled posting will be much easier.  New features allow me to, well, feature more and better things.  Readers can better use the "follow" feature more easily.

I also was able to design my own banner and background.  I like the Gothic arch and cross theme, as my previous career in architecture was helpful in developing this.  I carried it over into the font on the banner.  I hope you enjoy the new layout and design.  But more importantly, I hope you enjoy reading From the Pew.


  1. I've been away for a while due to travel. It was a bit of a shock, even when I knew something was done.

  2. Joel,

    Good? Bad? Different?