Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Top "From the Pew" Posts

I have added a link window to the right margin of this blog titled Top "From the Pew" Posts.  It is a mix of posts that have been widely read, widely linked to, highly commented on, and posts that I think are best or worthy of reading.  By far, my most widely read post ever is John MacArthur's Wine List, where I answer questions that pastor John MacArthur asks his listeners about in examining themselves with regard to biblical teaching on alcohol.  It was an old post that I recently re-posted.  When using a certain search engine, placing his name plus the beverage in question (or its active ingredient) in the search window lands it on the first page (it's been as high as second place, just behind the source I link to).  While other posts haven't been as widely read, I think they are representative of what I strive for in my writing.

So, meander on over to the margin and click on a few - or all - of them.  I should be adding a few more features to the layout of my blog in the coming weeks now that I have a new layout.

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