Monday, May 09, 2011

Blog Spotlight Monday - Heidelblog

Well, I wanted to highlight another certain blog this week that is on my "don't always agree" list, but lo and behold it has been taken down by the blog author.  That would be the Heidelblog by R. Scott Clark.  Now I want to assure everybody that my decision to highlight his blog just prior to his taking it down is a mere coincidence, and I don't want any conspiracy theorists to run with this.  Also, I didn't cause it, either.
Clark is a Reformed pastor and is the Professor of Church History and Historical Theology at Westminster Seminary California.  Clark is an adherent to what is known as Reformed Confessionalism, which is the taking of the standard (or what Reformed Confessionalists consider to the the standard) confessions of the children of the Protestant Reformation, and putting them into serious force as grounds for the doctrines and practices of the church.  Of course, to Reformed Confessionalists, anything outside of the Reformed confessions are at least suspect if not downright wrong.  To put it another way, it's making an "ism" out of the Reformed Confessions.  Clark's blog has been a way for me to keep a pulse of the Westminster folks and how they deal with today's theological issues from a Reformed standpoint.

I've tangled it up with Clark on my blog over the subject of baptism, and I have the knack of collecting blog and Facebook friends who have histories of arguing with him over various issues, people who have seemingly little other in common.  Nevertheless, I'm highlighting Heidelblog in case Clark ever starts his blog again.

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