Monday, May 02, 2011

The Christian Response

The Christian Response to the news of the killing of Osama Bin Laden by US special forces should be one of joyous celebration.   No, wait.  The Christian Response should be one of sadness, since somebody died who is now in hell forever and we should have no joy in such a thing.  No, wait.  The Christian Response should be one of sobriety with a calm satisfaction that God used his own appointed civil magistrate to exact justice upon an evildoer, just like Romans 13 says.  No, wait.  The Christian Response should be one of horrific trembling because it could have just as easily been me who is now burning in hell forever for my sins.  No, wait.  The Christian Response should be one of fear because our unconstitutional involvement in a series of unjust wars based upon lies resulting in the assassination of a terrorist leader will only fuel more terrorist fire.  No, wait.  The Christian Response should be just how I respond, because I am a Christian who is responding even if that response isn't one.

Actually, I have some mixed feelings about the whole thing.  In one way, it is a big news item that caps ten years of big news items.  Of course, that means endless droning on by media and empty talk.  The need to string out a story until I get sick.  The story is already tiring to me.  I turned the boob tube off already.  In another way, it's good to know that such an evil man is no longer functioning at a level of communication between brain waves and fine motor skills that will cause more harm to more people.  In another way, I just yawn because I don't care too much.  As the world turns.  Personally, if he's burning in hell right now the thought doesn't bother me at all.

As this news broke somewhat late in the evening, most of the Christian Responses were of the "unofficial" kinds by people I know on various social media sites, mostly from night owls.  It was really interesting to me to see the wide range of responses.  These are from people I actually know, so I value their thoughts and emotions.  And I actually prefer this type of unofficial discussion to what I know will happen tomorrow... the "official" Christian Responses by official mouthpieces of the religion, telling us according to the bible how we should have responded last night before the official people could type out all their thoughts on their blogs.  So thank you to all my social media friends for your candid, unofficial responses.  Now, I can't wait to see the cell phone videos of Bin Laden leaving the building.  I wonder how long it will take for them to hit the net?

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  1. Hell? He's up there, over there, down there, whatever there, rompin' with 77 virgins. Lucky ***tard.