Sunday, May 22, 2011

Harold Camping: An Untold Story (2) - Camping vs. Family Radio

There's a reason I titled this post "Camping vs. Family Radio."  It's because they're not the same thing and they don't necessarily believe the same thing.  There have been quite a few people pointing out the hypocrisy of Harold Camping/Family Radio's end of the world prediction for May 21, 2011, yet at the same time signing operations and advertising contracts that extend beyond the end of the world.  Why not put your money where your mouth is?  Then there are the people who say, "Wow, Family Radio has such great Christian programming.  Outside of that nutjob Harold Camping, that is.  I listen to everything but him."  Then there are the self-appointed theology police among the Campingites who wonder how Camping allows such obvious doctrinal error on his station from the other programming.

I'm not an expert on Family Radio, and haven't paid much attention to them over the last ten years.  But I do know that it started out as a partnership long before Camping developed his peculiar brand of theology.  Yes, Camping is the president of Family Radio, and a co-founder, but he's not dictator.  It's a corporation and there's a board of directors.  There is a significant percentage of people who have worked at Family Radio over the years that do not follow Camping or his teachings, including some decision makers.  I'm not privy to all the give-and-take or checks and balances at Family Radio, but I have personally known many people who have worked there.  So, there are people there who knew the world wouldn't end and who knew their operating and advertising budget would need to continue next week and in the years to come.  Many of these non-Campingites have had to endure the embarrassment of Camping's foolishness.  So when you read some stories about Family Radio and have some quotes from employees who say they don't believe Camping and have never been pressured to do so, I believe them.

There have been people of other theology systems who work there.  Calvinists who don't believe Camping, Arminians, charismatics, Roman Catholics, homosexuals.  There are normal Christians who want to work in radio and want to play traditional music, or operate short wave, etc.  Camping has a great control over his own programming, and thus can use Family Radio name to do it, but he doesn't own the whole ball of wax.  And for that we can be thankful.

In my time at his church, I talked quite a bit with people who did or had worked at FR.  Many of them had reservations about the spirituality or even salvation of the non-Campingites who worked there and wished Camping had more control over things.  Anyway, this is just to say that Harold Camping and Family Radio aren't totally synonymous.  More to come...

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  1. Where were these board of directors when he was having free run of what he wanted to do so when you say it is to different things you are speeking with a forked tongue. I am sure the board of directors did not mind all that revenue nor did they mind the attenetion whebn he was doing what he was doing but now you guys look foolish you are trying to save face. And again he is a cofounder is he not?

  2. Anon,

    Who is "you guys"? And I'm not a Campingite, as I oppose his teachings. I'm merely saying that everybody at Family Radio isn't a Campingite and all do not support him.

  3. A point of reality might be helpful to one's thoughts and choices at this point in time. Mr Camping and or relatives were part of and involved with the operation of the organization and the board of directors. Mr Camping and the station's board, director and staff are responsible for the choices they made and the consequences of their choices. Likewise the listeners and supporters of the station are responsible for the choices they made and will make, prior to May 21 and now.
    Each listener can either choose to respond or react, to the experience of May 21, by turning off the voice of Camping and the station and moving on in life or they can write to Family Radio and voice their feelings, objections and thoughtful recommendations. They can also make clear their choice to stop listening and supporting the organization.
    I personally had written to Family Radio, prior to May 21, and encourage them to consider their choice of format and the potential negative and harmful consequences of Camping's message.
    I can not and will not try to control others, but I can and will make my choice, to stop listening or supporting, known to Family Radio.
    I encourage others to do like wise.

  4. Your weak attempt to save face is a failure....Just like your lunatic spokeperson's attempt to put himself in holy God's place...I do know one thing that you have attempted to change God's holy word....You will have the plagues turned out on you....Your Bible does clearly say that and it needs no interpretation and I know you are starting to realize all the money you stole is not worth anything...Be ready for that because 100% the word of God is infallible.... You will suffer greatly in only a little while...Your organization is demonic and your master is satan not God....I am glad i'm not in your shoes...That is coming to you because God's word made that very clear...

  5. Also, the ones you attempt to down...The bible clearly states if you break one commandment you have broken them all....You are as bad as any homosexual and any other theives like yourself....For you to say he had control of his own broadcast is pure bull....You all had 100% complete control....I rebuke you evil demons in the holy name of Jesus....You all hellbound as clearly stated in the Bible

  6. Anonymous,

    It's clear you don't know what you're talking about. I have nothing at all to do with Harold Camping or Family Radio and I'm not saving face for them. Is there some other problem here?

  7. Michael Friend(, 8:03 AM

    Harold Camping is a false teacher and he was false long before he distinguished himself as a false prophet as well.
    Anyone who cannot discern the difference between Harold Camping's teaching and the Gospel of Jesus Christ needs to take a time out and study the scriptures.
    The folly of leaving the churches 20 years ago is revealing itself in all its stupidity now.

  8. Very interesting Steve. Thanks

  9. Wow.
    Anonymous, get a grip.
    You are so barking up the wrong tree.
    Check out Steve's May 9th "End of World Talk Heating Up".
    You are the one that looks like a frothing-at-the-mouth, raving lunatic.

    Steve, I commend you for having the patience of Job.