Sunday, March 09, 2008

Mopping The Floor And Other Trivialities

So why am I mopping the kitchen and bathroom floors at 4:30am? I've recently fallen into a habit of falling asleep in the La-Z-Boy late in the evening, short of my bedtime, only to wake woefully early without the ability to fall back asleep. Tonight it was after feeding the baby. Mrs. Scott took him from my arms and put him down while I slept. The chair is rough on my back and I don't get all the usual stuff in like brushing my teeth. So, I woke after 3am, took care of other business and started mopping before 4am. Now to blog.

Regular maintenance of a home is better than letting things go. Mowing the jungle in the back yard is an example. I mowed it last weekend (or the weekend before) so this time it took much less time.

Maybe I can go to bed and get a few hours. The clocks have been set already so I know what time it really is. I heard a funny one on the radio. The DJ reminded us all to set our gas pumps ahead one dollar this weekend.

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