Friday, March 28, 2008

Yahoo Spam-Block Problems - Any Help?

I don't know what criteria ISP's use to determine what spam is, but I've developed a problem with my Yahoo account. Suspected spam is put into a "bulk" mail folder. If it's not spam, you can simply click the "not spam" button to take it off the spam list. But my "not spam" button has disappeared from my bulk mailbox toolbar. Yahoo keeps the bulk mail around for a while, but I have to manually move it to my inbox. Regular emails (like site hit software reports) and recent email exchanges with friends (Gene) are being marked as spam. I don't know how to restore the "not spam" button. Any ideas?

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  1. Steve, I keep running into this myself. I have to go to control panel and turn the spam filter off completley and then train Outlook express or thunderbird (i use both) to sort my email from spam.

    All my email providers have done what Yahoo did.

    Try to find the control panel and shut it off completely.

    You understand they are "Doing us a favor".