Saturday, April 10, 2010

Friday Night Potpourri - Where Are You?

A day late, that's where:

  • I needed to get some jogging in, but had all my boys with me. The youngest fell asleep, so I parked at the park, let the two older ones play on the swings while I jogged within car's view. Perfect.
  • Our new house is situated kitty-corner with relation to a major intersection I grew up near. All the left turn lanes and U-turns and ways to get to stores have been totally revised to include those that I've never used. I quite often drive past turns I need to make, etc, only to realize a lifetime of hard-to-break habit reinforcement.
  • I think I like electric lawn mowers for small lawns. Just don't run over the cord.
  • Julie Neidlinger gets a new computer.
  • Nevermind the pit bull, Mr. mailman, we found a wasp's nest in our mailbox.
  • Wii Baseball has a mercy rule. Which will come in handy when I play against my five year old.
  • We're baaaaaaack. Oh, what a good week.

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