Sunday, April 25, 2010

Late Weekend Potpourri

Little time to think to myself, so I went to the freezer:

  • The kids found the box of Crayola chalk in the back of the car and proceeded to cover the entire back patio with drawing. Then it rained. Washed away chalk dust and wet chalk crayons.
  • It finally happened. I took my oldest son to the open space and it wasn't going very well until a gopher popped out of his hole a half dozen times. Then the godsend... the ever elusive California king snake crawled backward out of a hole. He found it and showed me. It changed his week.
  • After we left the open space, I went to the pizza place to pick up the order. I knew absolutely nothing about it except Mrs. Scott's name. I ate it, though. Yum.
  • After moving, we've been unpacking. Found the espresso machine for that homemade brew. Sorry, Starbucks, I'll be a bit tardy until times come around again.
  • The side gate scrapes the concrete sidewalk. Solution: slice the bottom 1/4" off with a jigsaw.
  • Spring, spring, go away, come again another day. Today it was 85, the hottest day of the year so far with rain and cold coming tomorrow for a few days.
  • A yellow tupperware container for a certain product needed a refill, so I put in my car as a reminder. Somehow it made it to the back seat, where our two year old threw it past the face of our five year old, out his window and across traffic. I saw this unidentified flying object in my rear view mirror. It caused a global crackup in the car as I swung a U-ee to go pick it up. The trick was to open the door and pick it up as it appeared under the door without running it over.
  • Hat tip - no, hats off to Mr. Escalante for this gem.

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  1. 85 degrees!? wow, must be nice...
    Apparently the low temp got down to around 80 recently because of some rain storms in the area, but I couldn't experience the nice cool air because I was asleep! Normally I think it's been around 100... Heck, it's supposed to be 98 today with rain! lol