Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Remembering The Resurrection

Somebody on my blogroll - I can't remember who, and I've searched a bit for it - posted something around Easter time about the resurrection. It went like this. We have one day per year dedicated to the resurrection: Easter. We hear a good sermon about Christ rising from the dead, which of course is important stuff. But, how often do we think about the resurrection the rest of the year?

Okay, I'll give my devalued 2 cents. Probably a lot less than necessary, yet probably a lot more than some people realize. I recently read an interesting observation. Muslims meet on Friday, Jews on Saturday and Christians on Sunday. And Christians meet on Sunday because of the resurrection. Two women went to some tomb somewhere looking for something that wasn't there and then went and told a bunch of people that they couldn't find it. And that is why we meet.

And just what is it about the resurrection that is so important? Well, starting with the crucifixion, Christ paid for sins. That's good by itself, but it leaves us with little hope beyond that. See, condemnation was averted, and I'm not downplaying that at all. But if being released from prison is great, it doesn't mean much more if it is at 5:30am in Northern Minnesota in January with nothing but the tank top and sandals you were arrested in way back in July. What is needed is that limo parked at the curb that takes us to the airport on our way to the beach in Hawaii. Crucifixion is death to sin; resurrection is newness of life.

Sometimes it's at times that life seems hopeless because of never ending personal failures. Having a body that will do things without stumbling is something to look forward to. A body that won't get old in a few decades. A body I know will be able to eat fish as opposed to floating around in some spirit form forever staring into some bright light. Sometimes I think about the resurrection on days where it seems like that's the only hope there is. And maybe that's true.


  1. The Riverworld miniseries on SyFy, oddly enough, made me think a lot about the resurrection. I tend to get caught up in wondering about the logistics/mechanics/science of what it will be like. Then I decide it's a mystery. Whatever it is like is going to be for the best.

  2. I talked with the men at the rescue mission this past Wednesday of our life being a "recycling" of that week, that spoken of by Paul in Romans, from "faith to faith" wherein we learn the righteousness of God (by learning just how short we, ourselves, come in that aspect). We shout "Hosannah!", live a few days coming back down to earth, break bread with the brethren, fail in the mystery of it all, can't comprehend the Cross before which we fall, then step into Grace resurrected within us and begin again.....