Friday, April 30, 2010

A Man Without A Movement

Andrew Sandlin writes a timely piece about movements and the pros and cons of being part of such. Christianity is not immune from such movements that create "inside circles" and "unenlightened outsiders." There are many within the church. Whether it's weight loss programs, homeschooling movements or theological movements, there are good and bad elements to each. Being on the outside has its pros and cons as well. As Sandlin states, though, "Being part of a movement may be comforting, but some of us are more interested in liberty than comfort." If it's liberty vs. expected conformity, which would you choose?


  1. I choose His voice, realizing that, in my humanity, even that remains a stumble down the path in following Him. The old song goes "I've learned the wisdom I have gained comes not from battles won, nor basking in the glory of a race that seems well run; no, it's trudging through the dry, deserted placed I have been that lets me know if You changed now to then - I'd choose You again".

    Liberty, in Him, means taking the next step with Him in spite of our humanity, irregardless of where He leads and the mess we all continue to make as we go. He tells us, in the Word, to "not be conformed to this world". I think separating the Church from the world can be a difficult task at times, but I'm willing to leave it all in His hands....

  2. The key word here is 'expected' and that is what happens isn't it in most movements, even those within the church.

    I'll choose liberty because in liberty it is the Lord who conforms us inwardly and transforms us according to His will.

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