Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Night Potpourri

Too much thinking to think:

  • I've seen more ducks this last couple of weeks than I have in my entire life.
  • Last week I got my year's worth of basketball fix. I was listening to the Opening Day baseball coverage on the radio when I heard that there was a minute left in the NCAA final game. I turned to the station covering it. A three point shot at the buzzer to win the national championship hit the rim. Must have been a good season.
  • Then, with two minutes left, I tuned in to Don Nelson's record breaking win for all time winningest coach. I turned into the driveway, ran in and watched the last 3 seconds of the Warriors' win. Can't wait for next year.
  • Our verbally advanced two year old explained to me after turning right at a red light (after coming to a complete stop) how I needed to wait for the light to turn green. At what age do kids start learning about exception to the rule?
  • Such a short, yet intense, song.

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