Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Electronic Lemonry

My new cell phone died.  Not even two weeks old.  I got a new one because I had to get a new one.  My old one was being phased out by the current cell phone technology, and my carrier told me it would start freaking out and doing strange things unless I got a new phone.  So I did.  It started shutting off when I was fiddling with the menu, and it was not answering via the Bluetooth even after pressing the right buttons.  Tonight I got a replacement.  It's recharging right now, and I hope it will work.  The old new one was doing some pretty goofy things until it would no longer even turn on.  The first new one was a lemon.

Our old printer went out within the last couple of weeks and we bought a new one.  It coughed up an epic fail and did some pretty bizarre things in the process.  The black ink cartridge petered out after about five sheets of printing, and the fax kept cutting off the sending of some important documents.  I had to shell out six bucks at the local shipping store to get that done, and Mrs. Scott had to make three return trips to the place of purchase to get a replacement.  The new one is making quite a bit less whirring, clicking and was telling us that all those other noises were warning signs.  The first new one was a lemon.

Our most recent computer buy, a laptop, wouldn't let us access the internet.  Everything else worked, but we got a "page cannot be displayed" message.  A computer geek friend of mine was over until 2am and found that a certain setting was not allowing access to the web, but couldn't pinpoint it.  The manufacturer blamed the ISP (we had one of those packages with phone, TV and internet in one) in a broken Indian accent.  From India no doubt.  The ISP techie tried fixing it.  But one problem with that.  They can re-boot the modem from their remote location in Bangladesh to try to make it work.  But since the phone is also connected to the same modem, re-booting disconnects the call.  I think they should get a team of engineers on that right away.  I had to get a replacement from the store.  The first new one was a lemon.

When I was a kid back in the late 60's, my next door neighbor bought a Ford pickup that was a lemon.  He had to take it in for repairs so often that he painted additional letters on the tailgate below the large "F O R D" letters that made it read "Fix Or Repair Daily."  The dealer wasn't too fond of this behavior.  He had a lemon, too.  And so, I guess this blog post is the lemonade.

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