Saturday, January 29, 2011

Friday Night Potpourri - Late Edition

Okay, extremely West Coast version here, a day late:

  • Blogging has been a bit less frequent recently.  I'm working an intern position hoping to turn it into a full time job.  Rotating 12-hour shifts between days and graveyard on compromised sleep.  Friday Night Potpourri didn't stand a chance last night.
  • Traffic patterns are strange at 5:30am.  On weekends, there is none whatsoever.  It's dark.  Then Monday morning comes - and I forget what day it is because everything after midnight is dated the day before - and there's tons of traffic.  What?  Oh, It's Monday morning.
  • I think it's time to mow the lawn.  It's rained quite a bit this season, so mowing the wet grass is difficult.  Maybe next weekend?
  • Our five year old turned six this week.  Happy birthday!  One of his favorite presents was a box of baseball cards that had the players from the end of last year who changed teams, the "update series."  He knew what that was all about.  Kids these days.
  • There's some kind of cereal, I guess you could call it, in the cupboard and it has nuts, grains and is held together with honey.  Supposed to be natural and good for you.  I don't care.  It tastes good.
  • I've never seen our house so dark.  I came home after dark and all the lights were out.  Mrs. Scott was out with the kids.  It looked like our street had a blacked out space on our lot.  I found it, though, because I know where I live.
  • Wow, a Strat sounds like this?...I want one!

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  1. How odd. Your "five year old turned six?" I'm glad that you cleared that up. Otherwise, I might have thought he was turning 7or something.

    Praying for your interview.