Saturday, January 15, 2011

Friday Night Potpourri

The morning after:

  • Yesterday was so filled with a combination of interruptions and writer's block that Friday Night Potpourri didn't happen last night.  Another blog post is sitting there in the editor, too, for the same reason.
  • My new cell phone died, so I went to get a replacement.  It works like it should, I guess, but I lost my screen picture of me on the mound at AT&T Park wearing a suit.  I'll have to find a copy on my hard drive somewhere.
  • I'm starting my intern job this week, and had my orientation this last week.  I'll be working in an oil refinery shadowing other people that operate the place.  Should be really fun.
  • Grandma took the kids the other day, so I had to take the car seats out.  Man what a find underneath.
  • Hey, the days are growing longer now.  It doesn't get dark here until about 5:15pm.  Can't wait for autumn.
  • The clicker (our word for remote control) drops, the batteries fall out, and the kids put the batteries in backward, the clicker doesn't work, dad checks the batteries, dad fixes the clicker, dad gets to watch his show.  It's almost a routine.
  • It's really foggy out right now.  I can't see the neighbor's trees on the next block.  Which means it's great weather to go for a drive.


  1. Hi! I found your blog while visiting Lewis's blog. You always have interesting things to say. Which is why I've got a few questions for ya.

    Been visiting a few "fundamentalist" bloggers and some have proven to be DEEP people...but extremely young. I just wonder if they are being led by their earthly father or the Heavenly Father. Well, I had one young lady email me to inform me that Christianity is NOT a religion. Let me remind you this young woman has been home schooled most her life, chooses to stay home until marriage, and her father is one of the "elders" at their home church. Oh...and how do you feel about those who "home-church"? Well, these people are devout Christians and I mean them no harm. I just want to know why Christianity is NOT a religion. She said Christianity is a walk in faith with Christ and is the ONLY true faith that exists. Ok I agree with most of that...but who else believes Christianity is not a religion? Did I miss something??

  2. Angie, I've been thinking about your question, too, and will give my thoughts in my next post.