Saturday, February 05, 2011

Friday Night Potpourri - Another Late Edition

Crashing on Friday evening makes for a late potpourri.  Anyway, here goes:

  • The Stupor Bowl is tomorrow.  Should be a good game, but nobody really knows.  I think I'll cheer for the Pack because Raider fans hate the Steelers and so that they'll prevent them from winning their 7th Superbowl.
  • I almost ran over a couple of raccoons this week before sunrise.  They look a lot like cats until you see their stripes.
  • Our pee-wee baseball son has just been drafted by a team called the "A's."  I think I have an A's cap around here somewhere...
  • I'm waiting right now on a possible job to come through.  The wait will be killing me this next week or so.
  • Our fridge door doesn't close very well, so I fished out the 'structions to find out how to raise the front wheels so the door will gravity close.  You gotta have a gravity close capability with kids.
  • I'm wondering why they haven't applied smart technology to signal lights.  It seems that with all those cars sitting idle at lights when no other cars are going the other direction, ruining the environment, that somebody would want to make traffic flow more efficiently.  I guess not, though.
  • Another 70's radio staple.  Or maybe less than a staple and more of a song I remember well from junior high.  Love the slide guitar.


  1. I'm rooting for the Pack too! Patriot fans aren't really big on the Steelers either, and giving Big Ben a third ring puts him at pace with Brady. We can't have that!

  2. Well, Steve, as you know, we were rooting big time for the Steelers. Most in the Bay Area weren't rooting for them (Rodgers is a grad of Cal--what kind of reason is that?), but when your husband is a Pittsburgh native, then you really have no choice. BTW, Dan's comment was rather rude! : )

    Anyway, Gene and I are praying that you know something about the job very's so hard waiting.