Sunday, February 20, 2011

What Beliefs Are the Result of Faith?

If a man or woman has faith in Christ, what beliefs will result?  By beliefs, I mean what conclusions will that person's faith be?  Obviously - or maybe not to many people - there will be some kind of idea as to how that person became a Christian.  What kind of assurance will he have of that faith?  Will he spend his time pondering how that assurance works, or will he simply be assured and never give it much thought?  Or will he be assured at all?  What will his beliefs be concerning the church?  Of the bible?  Of stained glass windows?

How will his views of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit fit together, and in what proportions?  How about the death, burial and resurrection?  I'm sure there are some widely varying answers to these questions.  Will that make you any less of a Christian than I?  Any more a Christian?  What will I believe next year, or next decade because of belief today?  Will I be okay with it and will other people be okay with it?  Will God be okay with it?

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