Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Night Potpourri


  • Juxtaposition:  Bob at Wilderness Fandango posted a Facebook update showing a photo of fresh snowfall in Maine.  Nobody else but me could see, but on my Facebook page the post directly above it (SF Giants fan page) showed Tim Lincecum throwing the first pitch of the first spring training game in Arizona.  Snow in Maine vs. heat in Arizona.
  • Childhood:  Earlier today, I attended the memorial service of the next door lady from my childhood.  They moved away when I was a teenager, so most of my memories of here were from childhood.  Most of the dozen or so kids on the street lived there for many years.  A good number were at the service.  I got to see many old neighborhood friends.  I can still remember Mrs. M's laugh, calling her kids in for dinner and their front door sound when it shut.  But what I remember most is the way she called the cat in when she put the cat dish on the porch.  In a high falsetto voice, she called, "heeeeeere, kitty-kitty-kitty-kitty!"  She did it better than anyone ever.
  • Speaking of snow, it's supposed to snow here tonight in just a few hours.  Snow in the San Francisco area at sea level comes once every decade or two.  If it does snow tonight, it will be several times in the last five years.
  • A couple of weeks ago, I drove almost ten miles with the parking brake on.  I realized my mistake, and disengaged the brake.  When I arrived home and opened the door, I got a strong sense of that smell where brakes are too hot or burning.  Yeah, I guess so.
  • Big little day tomorrow.  Get to pick up the pee-wee uniforms.  What number is he gonna be this year?
  • I've been leaving my jacket in the car so I have it with me when it gets really cold.  It doesn't take long for my heater to warm up.
  • I've long held this to be my favorite on the album.  In an interview, Carlos had the same view.  Not sure what's up with the imagery in this one, but it's the only clip I could find of the studio version.

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