Monday, April 25, 2011

Blog Spotlight Monday - A Few Thoughts

I'm not linking to a blog today to spotlight.  However, I wanted to throw out a few thoughts on some of the blogs I will highlight in the next few weeks, and over time in this series.  I'm going to link to some that I don't "agree" with, or am not on the same page as.  Some of them I regularly follow, and even link to in my blogroll, but they are more there for me to keep a pulse on certain types of thinking or what's going on over in another theological world.  Maybe those blogs are about how I used to think.  Sometimes I comment on those blogs to poke the hornet's nest as it were.  I'll give a brief explanation to why I read them, and maybe point out a few disagreements I have with them.  All in all, I'm not necessarily endorsing them, it's just that they keep me sharp in my beliefs as to why I might disagree with certain views.  For what it's worth.  I should be back to highlighting blogs next week.

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