Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Gospel For Those Broken By The Church

The Internet Monk website has long displayed a gadget linking to Rod Rosenbladt's The Gospel For Those Broken By The Church on his New Reformation Press site.  "The Gospel For Those Broken By The Church" is a message to those people who converted to Christianity once upon a time, but who have become either "sad" or "mad" because the church has presented them with an unattainable or impossible paradigm for living the Christian life.  Many people have been broken by their church and its teachings and might have even left the church altogether.  Rosenbladt's message is that these people aren't beyond hope, and gives some basics about the gospel that counter much of the problematic methodology out there.

It can be used by either those broken by the church or by people who disire to minister to them.  I only recently read/watched it, and I think it may be of some good use.  I've seen this link up for a long time now, and it used to cost a few dollars, which is the reason I never used it.  It is now free.  You can either watch it on the site or download an .mp3 or read it in .pdf format, or both as I did.  The video is about 47 minutes long and the PDF is just over 20 pages.  Check out Rod Rosenbladt's The Gospel For Those Broken By The Church.


  1. I listened to that audio some time back.

    The thing that interested me was his thoughts on what a church 'preaches". He talked about a lot of churches preaching "Law-Grace-Law" rather than Luther's "Law-Grace".

  2. Joel,

    I had the same curiosity, and would need to hear him flesh this out. I don't hold to the Lutheran Law/Gospel distinction, and I'm wondering what he meant by that last "law," whether this is a heavy emphasis on God's law, or man's.