Friday, April 01, 2011

Friday Night Potpourri


  • It's school project time, and I recall my high school science project.  I made a contraption that would execute various bells and whistles and whatnot, and ultimately ignite a home-made fuse made with home-made gun powder, the ingredients for which I easily picked up at the local chemical supply warehouse.  I called it "The Time Bomb."  Of course it only went as far as lighting a fuse.  If I were in high school and tried that today, I'd be in Gitmo faster than you could say "boom."
  • This morning I went out into the back yard to kick the dog and suddenly remembered we didn't have a dog.
  • I picked the worst day of the year to be out of beer.  So, excuse me while I slip out to the store.
  • Okay, back from the store.  Some guy cut me off and I'm glad my kid's bat was still in my car from baseball practice.  I hope nobody got my plate numbers.
  • For dinner one night this week, I dumped a bunch of hot sauce on my mashed potatoes and gravy.  I would recommend this to every red-blooded American.  Or Canadian, for that matter.
  • My "free" forced upgrade phone died within a week after I got it, then my second one died after only ten weeks.  The third one is having issues, too.  Phone curse?
  • I really wanted to link to some Marilyn Manson for a good example of grown-up evangelical music, but I chickened out at the last minute and pasted this instead.
  • [Update: yeah, some of my above bullet points are wacky.  Twisted April Fool humor, I guess]

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