Monday, April 18, 2011

Blog Spotlight Monday - Islam and Christianity

Abu Daoud blogs at Islam and Christianity.  Abu is a Christian who lives in the Middle East among Muslims and he is active in engaging Muslims in discussions of Islam and Christianity.  Abu Daoud is not his real name, but it is what is known as a filionym which is commonly used in some Muslim countries.  When a man has his first son, he is given the name "Abu" plus "son's name."  His first son's name translated into Arabic is "Daoud," so his filionym is "Abu Daoud."

Islam and Christianity is a fascinating blog because it looks at Islam as a religion, Islam as a political system, and the interrelation of Islam and Christianity as it occurs in the Middle East.  Many helpful insights are noted, and there are often stories of his interaction with Muslims.  Abu also sprinkles in some commentary of news events in the Arab world, and gives a number of looks at the history of Islam (and Christianity) as well as the writing of and content of the Quran.

Abu has given the better part of a decade to the study of Arabic and Islam.  He also discusses the roles of the major Christian traditions in the Middle East, which are Protestantism, Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy.  Islam and Christianity is a must read for people who are considering mission work in the Islamic world, and either way is a good read for those with even a mild interest in Islamic religion and culture.  Please give Abu Daoud's Islam and Christianity a read.


  1. Steve

    I agree with your praise of this blog. I think I initially found it through a link you shared awhile back, and it has really helped me understand Islam and and issues of the Middle East much better. He does it as a Christian but doesn't have all the misunderstanding, fear, and prejudice which is common among Christians discussing Islam. Thanks for linking to it for the rest of us. Definitely worth checking out!