Thursday, April 21, 2011

We Need A Holiday for The Return of Christ

Dan Allen at the Ekklesia in Southern Maine writes a post about missing what it really means for Christ to come back.  We get caught up in the eschatological schemes we dream up but miss the main point. He makes the point that we're thinking about his death and resurrection this week and urges us to think about his return as well.

This got me to thinking about all the religious holidays we have to remember various events in Christ's life and death here on earth.  The biggies that come to mind are Christmas, Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter.  If we're missing out on the real meaning of his return, why not have a holiday to remind us?  I mean, it doesn't have to be on the exact calendar date of his return - nobody but Harold Camping knows what that day is anyway - just like Christmas is not likely the actual date of Jesus' birth.  We could call it "Return Day."  We could have a special church service on that day to celebrate His coming.  If it's on a Sunday, maybe it would be instrumental in getting nominal church goers to increase their obligatory attendance by 50% by adding Return Day to Christmas and Easter.  All the various traditions of historic Christianity could celebrate it and it wouldn't be a denominational thing.  Maybe the Eastern Orthodox could celebrate it one week before or after the rest of us, but that's a matter of church debate.  :-)

In any case, I'm up for it.  Maybe we all could vote on it at our next church membership meeting.  [Disclaimer:  this is not taking Dan's post less seriously.  I like his post, but it made me take a leap in logic to somewhere slightly on the humorous side.]

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