Monday, April 04, 2011

Blog Spotlight Monday - grain edit

I'm taking a bit of a detour tonight on Blog Spotlight Monday.  Tonight's blog has nothing to do with church or theology.  Tonight I am highlighting a blog titled grain edit, a blog devoted to modern graphic design.  One of the main contributors to this blog is named Dave, and although I've met him only a few times, he's a friend of many friends of mine.  grain edit focuses on a certain era of graphic design (as distinguished from modern art), what one might call "classic," from the 1950's to the 70's.  Examples of the best of this era of design (with maybe some retro tossed in) are continually shown.

Graphic design of one form or another has been part of my life for many years, especially with my previous career in the field of architecture.  Many of the features within this genre of design have been very visible in all of our lives in the form of advertising, book covers, album covers, public signs, children's cartoons, etc.  Dave and crew do an outstanding job of putting this genre on display, and grain edit has won an award for being a top design site on the web.  I agree with the award givers.

Check out grain edit, even if you aren't particularly drawn to modern graphic design, and you might actually grow to enjoy it.  Maybe check out a few back pages with older posts to gain an overall view of their work.  Next week I'm probably back to a normal theology/ecclesiology theme.

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