Friday, April 08, 2011

Friday Night Potpourri

Week of spicy food:

  • A friend from my school gave me some very hot peppers.  Perfect for taco night tonight.
  • For some reason I've been putting hot sauce in most of my food this week.  I wonder what the craving is about.
  • In just a few days we went from wearing shorts in 80+ degree weather to hail, iced windows and snow on the hills and mountain.  Spring is so difficult to predict.
  • It was Opening Day in my parts, and the Giants got to hoist their championship flag.  Going to a game will never be the same.
  • Okay, my third cell phone died in the last couple of months, the last one after only a week.  I tried everything with the carrier, and they were baffled, too.  I think I narrowed it down to a bad charger, so they replaced it.  I hope that's it, because I really do need a phone.  Do you?
  • I recently discovered that Google Maps lets you create your own custom maps.  So I decided to put it to use to chart all the locations of potential jobs.  Quite a tool that helped me apply for some of the best.
  • And when the fog horn blows I want to hear it.


  1. May be the best song you've posted!

  2. Weird food cravings. Maybe you are pregnant?

  3. James,

    Could be. I was torn between several songs on the Moondance album.


    I hadn't thought of that. Maybe I'll hit the drug store later today!