Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Night Potpourri

Holy week, or week of holiness?

  • Our third grader did the "egg drop" science project this week.  He schemed up a cube-shaped Kleenex box filled with cotton balls and attached to a parachute and helium balloons.  Dropped from the top of the school gym, the egg didn't break.  Doing trial runs from our own roof allowed me to clear off all the small toys up there.
  • Some in-laws dropped by this week in what to our kids was a surprise visit.  Our kids and theirs always have different Easter weeks off so we can never plan big things to do together.  Well, playing basketball and going to the creek were great for a few hours, and a weeping willow switch is a great toy for a three year old.
  • Spring is in full bloom here in California.  Although there's no snow, we get plenty of blossoms falling to make it look like it in my neighborhood.
  • We've got some really messy pine trees in our yard.  At least I think they're pine trees.  They drop huge clouds of pollen all at once, and the tiny, wispy cone things fall and make a mess all over.  Rain makes it worse. 
  • I've got some blue towels from 1988.  Yes, that old.  We use them as scrunge towels to clean things up and to lay down on certain surfaces so they won't get messy.  The 80's are still with us!
  • I tried some pine nut flavored hummus this week.  Pretty good.  Reminds me of Euell Gibbons commercials for Grape Nuts cereal back in the 70's.  "Ever ate a pine tree?  Many parts are edible."
  • Whatever you make of the title is your business I guess.  Happy holy weekend.

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