Thursday, April 07, 2011

Get With The Program

There have been a few times that I (or others, from a sermon, etc.) have been told to "get with the program."  The church program, that is.  But that raises a question.  What if the program, and not my lack of getting with it, is the real problem?  What if I can't get with the program?  What if the program is ungetwithable by somebody like me?  What then?  Maybe there shouldn't be a program like that.  And what if there is a program I could actually get with, but don't really think the program is right to begin with?  Can I get out of the program?  Why?  Why not?  Just some thoughts late on a Thursday night.

1 comment:

  1. Program pushing is one of many of the elements of corporation-top-down orientation to church life that will be seen to be objectionable to those who are Bereans Acts17:11. Anyone who see's this fallacy of church and considers that organism-brotherly orientation to church life demonstrates what Jesus wants in His body has options to switch. Jesus does not have anyone chained to any corporation setup by men. It will demand walking by faith and not by sight. You may not see any organism driven saints around you right now. We didn't when we stepped out by faith. God directed us to them after we, like Abraham, left Ur.