Monday, April 11, 2011

Blog Spotlight Monday - Vache Folle

Vache Folle blogs at St George Blog.  His is one of the first blogs I read regularly so many years ago.  I don't know his real/birth name, as he writes with a pseudonym, Vache Folle.  Do I need to know his name?  He's a character from the keyboard, a self-proclaimed libertarian/anarchist.  He is an attorney and attends a Dutch Reformed church in the New York area, and writes many opinions on religion and politics, with a bit on legal issues surrounding children.  He is originally from the deep South and moved to the New York area many years ago.  He uses a pen name out of worries about his job, and blogs out of a sense of belonging to community.

One of the best of flavors that comes from his blog is his skillful ability to write anonymously about anonymous - but real in real life - people.  Aside from occasionally naming public figures, his subjects are the people next door, in the carpool, at work and as he comes across them, but without names.  Candid talk.  His terms for describing people are also colorful.  He uses "conspecifics" to describe co-workers or co-carpoolers, and "co-religionists" to identify fellow church goers.  He practices laughing at himself, and others, and is constantly engaging in slapstick sociology. He loathes mindless, sheepist conformism, and knows well his place on the Bristol Stool Chart.  His anonymity also allows him to post some very personal stuff, but there always seems to be some underlying humor in it.

VF is refreshing to read for me as he is almost his own unique literary genre in and of himself.  I know some people have issues with internet anonymity, but I'm a fan of his nonetheless.  Maybe almost in spite of the issues.  Vache Folle's St George Blog can be found by clicking your mouse, old school or wireless, here on this underlined hyperlink.

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  1. Vache's blog seemed dormant for months because of personal issues, and I assumed he'd given it up altogether and I stopped paying attention to it. Thanks for the heads up!